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How To Read Rubber Track Sizes


You'll notice that we have included the rubber track size within the title of or product listings. This is to be used as a reference so that you can confirm your track size on your machine before you buy to help assure you receive the right track the first time and to avoid unnecessary shipping expenses.

You'll notice that the numbers will read similar to this:

  • 300x52.5x80

The first number represents the track WIDTH in millimeters. The second number represents the PITCH, the distance between each link "center to center". And the last number states the total number of LINKS in that track.

Rubber Track Size Guide

You may also see a letter, such as a "A" or "B" if it's a Excavator track. That letter states the guide width as being either "Narrow (A)" or "Wide (B)".

If your looking at a Compact Track Loader track it may represent the tread style, for example "AT", which is our Turf Friendly Multi-Bar Track.

You can learn more by reading our article on how to measure rubber tracks within our Prowler Tracks Blog.

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