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Rubber Tracks

premium grade rubber tracksProwler has been providing Premium Grade Rubber Tracks since 1998 for Compact Track Loaders, Mini Excavators, Mini Skid Steers, Multi-Terrain Loaders, and Carrier Dumpers.

When you buy a Prowler Rubber Track, you are investing in a product that was designed and manufactured to deliver maximum efficiency and increased service life over other leading brands. One of the key differences between Prowler and our closest competitors is that we make our tracks using "Flexural Strength Technique". The outer circumference of our tracks are made of a harder rubber that is very gouge and abrasion resistant, while the inner circumference has a slightly softer rubber that allows for better flexing. While your machine is in operation, constant flexing along with various outdoor temperatures and conditions can cause stress fractures within your track. Prowlers "FST" design helps eliminate that pre-mature wear, allowing you to receive more service life out of your track.

Continuous steel cords wrapped in vulcanized rubber, steel link embeds, and all natural rubber compounds round off our Premium Grade Rubber Track design.

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